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Lisa Carroll
Lisa Carroll

Besides helping many of our customers plan the perfect trip, Lisa is responsible for making most of the reservations for our clients’ itineraries.  It’s a big job, but Lisa is a maestro with our reservations system and keeps all the details straight.

We work with hundreds of RV rental companies, hotels, campgrounds, and activity suppliers, and they all treat Lisa like family.  In the off-season, she oversees  our enormous supplier database, updating rates, booking details, new products, and personnel changes.  Her hard work makes it easier for the rest of us when it comes to accurately planning the details of an itinerary.  Lisa also helps out with clients as a trip consultant.  With all of her intimate knowledge with the details of where our clients actually travel, she can provide special insight including the best campsites out there!

If Lisa could travel 100% of the time, she’d be on the road and looking for the next best hiking trail.  We (and you) are lucky that she sticks around the office to help our clients directly and behind the scenes.