2-Hour: $125/Person; Half-Day: $220/Person

2-Hour Ride (Cracker Flats)
Head out with your experienced wrangler along the shores of Sherburne Reservoir and on to Cracker Flats, where the old mining town of Altyn once stood at the turn of the century. Though the townsite is long gone, the clear space on “The Flats” affords 360 degree views of all the mountains surrounding the Many Glacier Valley. Along the ride you will also have opportunities to see wildlife and wildflowers.

Half Day Ride (Piegan Valley)
Ride with your experienced wrangler through a lush green valley that is chock-full of water features, including streams, creeks, and even waterfalls at certain points in the season. The ride offers views of Josephine Lake’s turquoise water, Grinnell Point, and distant views of Salamander Glacier. Halfway through the ride, dismount and stretch your legs while taking in more majestic views, before getting back on the horses and heading to the corral.

  • Min Age 8 and at least 48 inches tall
  • Min Weight 48 lbs
  • Max Weight 225 lbs (or 250 lbs if over 6 ft tall)