mom and daughter on ATV

Pricing Varies

  • $150/Operator (Age 16 and over)
  • $90/Adult Passenger (Age 13 and up)
  • $60/Child Passenger (Age 5 to 12)

This incredible ATV ride in Red Canyon will leave you breathless. You will be riding in the bottom of the canyon looking up cliff faces which are 500 feet high.

The first 2 miles of the trail follow the Sevier Fault on a dirt road.  This allows you time to get familiar with the operation of the ATV. The next 12 miles are on a single track trail up and back down Casto Canyon. Casto Canyon is one of the most scenic trails in the area.  The formations are the same as what is seen in Bryce Canyon National Park.

  • Min Age 16 for Operators
  • Min Age 5 for Passengers