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Resources: Yellowstone & Grand Teton

Yellowstone & Grand Teton

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  • Many scenes were shot in Livingston, Bozeman and parts of Yellowstone. The church scenes were filmed in the Redeemer Lutheran Church in Livingston
  • The River in the movie is the Blackfoot River – however most of the water footage was shot on the Gallatin River. Yellowstone and Boulder Rivers also make an appearance. The waterfall is Granite Falls in Wyoming
  • The “Maclean House” is across the road from the Springhill Presbyterian church, fourteen miles north of downtown Bozeman, Montana. The porch was built specifically for the scene where the Maclean brothers climb out of their bedroom window
  • The film is said to have changed the Fly Fishing landscape in Montana!


  • The Oklahoma Land Rush was recreated on a ranch outside Billings.


  • Filmed Near Livingston, Big Timber and Bozeman


  • Areas near Grand Teton National Park were used as the setting for the frozen Russian landscape when Rocky went to the Soviet Union to fight Ivan Drago.
  • The backdrop of old wooden buildings is Historic Mormon Row (in the Valley of Jackson Hole) – which is now considered a Ghost Town.

R-Rated Films


  • Not a movie but an acclaimed TV Show
  • Starring Kevin Costner
  • The Dutton Family Ranch is located in Montana just outside Yellowstone
  • Season 4 is filmed exclusively in Montana


  • The original Star Trek movie! Planet Vulcan was actually filmed in Yellowstone and Minerva Hot Springs

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  • Interviews from professionals to details about specific locations, get ready for your trip or prepare to visit again. Get first hand information on the wildlife, history and geology from a professional guide, Adam Brubaker.

Gear We Love

Charcoal Grill

Consider searching this out at your destination. A grill makes for a full camping experience!

Smore Sticks

These are a must have for campfire nights! You can roast hot dogs and marshmallows all night long on these!

Walkie Talkies

These are great for exploring. Give one to your kids (make sure you test it first). Then off they go!

Fairy Lights

Bring some of these solar or battery-powered lights and hang them around your campsite…instant style for the environment!

Glow Sticks

If you can find the set with connectors and headbands, you can make all sorts of wearable glow items – it will be easier to find each other at night!

Wint-O-Green Lifesavers

These are a must. Get a fresh pack, wait for night time around the campfire. Pop one in your mouth and crunch/grind it with your mouth open. You are in for a surprise! Trust us 🙂

Magnetic Hooks

Put them on the back bumper – and hang bathing suits to dry. Just remember to bring them in before you drive away!

Disposable Camera

Consider for younger children, especially if they don’t have a phone yet.

Wet Wipes

Very handy.

Hanging Toiletry Bag

Save space in the RV bathroom.

Grill Gloves

To move the hot grill off the table when you are done grilling.

Dump Gloves

Keep hands clean during this task!

AC Inverter

You can use this to charge your phone or run low-power devices on household (AC) current without running the generator or plugging into shore power. (More on all of that in your Adventure Kit!)

Meat Thermometer

Make sure your meat is cooked through on the grill!

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