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Mountain West RV Vacations
About the Mountain West Region

Spectacular Rocky Mountain scenery is by far the highlight for many families on a road trip in the Mountain West region, though this is by no means the only highlight!

This land of beautiful and varied national parks offers not only scenery, but culture and history too, for a worthwhile learning experience for the whole family.

Some of the country’s top attractions will most definitely be stops on your Mountain West road trip – Yellowstone National Park, the USA’s first and still one of the most popular, is in Wyoming, a state where you’ll also find the stunning mountain scenery of the Grand Teton National Park. And how about the monolithic Devils Tower, the country’s first National Monument?

Colorado boasts the Rocky Mountain National Park with a highway that crosses the Continental Divide, and although the Rockies cut a path through the middle of this state Colorado also has some other dramatic scenery – Great Sand Dunes National Park is one fine example! There are amazing cultural sites to visit here too, such as the Mesa Verde National Park with its ancient Anasazi cliff dwellings.

Another difference in scenery can be found at Montana’s Glacier National Park, an excellent place to see some of the country’s glaciers before they disappear, and while in Montana make sure you take the car or RV along the Beartooth Highway. This scenic highway is one of the most spectacular in North America.

At the northwestern end of the Mountain West region is Idaho, an outdoor lover’s dream! Mountains make way for gushing rivers here in the whitewater capital of the USA! Add in the abundant forests and wilderness and you get countless miles of hiking trails and loads of wildlife.

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