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What We Do OLD
In a nutshell, we combine our knowledge of the West with your personal desires to create a driving adventure that knocks your socks off.

We do that by getting to know you, figuring out what you want, and taking care of all the details including:

  • Fully-Equipped RV Rental
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Campground Reservations
  • Maps and Driving Directions
  • Fun Activities

GoRVing : Bring Back Wildhood

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We’re Experts in Family RV Vacation Planning

They say the devil’s in the details, and that certainly holds true for planning a successful family RV trip. You can spend months on the Internet trying to learn everything we’ve learned from driving around out here for over 20 years. Or you can just let us handle it all for you. Once we’re on the same team, these are a few of the things we can do to help you maximize fun and minimize stress.

“We look forward to working with you to organize another special experience. We often fondly remember our trip and our children still emphatically say that it was their favorite vacation!”


– The Hannah Family, Indiana

Better Use of Your Time

We know that each hour of your vacation is precious. We do our best to help you avoid traveling interstates when there’s a beautiful scenic back road. We steer you clear of tacky tourist traps. Our maps are clear and well-organized so you won’t be searching in the dark for campgrounds or waiting in line because you arrived at the wrong time. Most importantly, though, we’ll help you avoid spending your whole vacation behind the wheel (as all newbies do). The good stuff is outside the vehicle. We’ll make sure you spend the majority of your time out there where you belong.

Expert Help with Guided Activities

A few years from now, your most vivid memories won’t be of driving down the highway. The moments you’ll remember most are the ones that took place a few paces off the beaten track. We’ll suggest excursions that allow everyone in the group to fully experience the incredible beauty of the world-class natural destinations that you’ll visit. We’ll arrange the right activities with the right guides in each location. And whether it’s whitewater rafting, horseback riding, a scenic flight, a 4X4 rental or tour, hiking in slot canyons, or a rock climbing class that stretches your boundaries a bit, we’ll make all of the arrangements using only the most reputable companies in their fields.

The Right RV for You

We’ll handle all of the details of making your RV rental reservation. We’ll help you decide what type of RV configuration will work best for you. We’ll choose a rental company with a strong reputation for service and quality. This will be your home for the duration of your trip and we want you to be as satisfied and as comfortable as possible.

The Right Accommodations

Based on what you need, we’ll make reservations for every night of your trip. Your first night will be in a hotel in the city that you fly into. We like an all-suites property near the airport with a good pool and an easy shuttle right to the RV rental depot. Once you pick up the RV and get on the road, you will have a campsite waiting for you each night at the best campground in the area. (It’s OK to gloat a little as the vehicle in front of you gets turned away from a full campground.)

Special Places

The national parks are magnificent. But please allow us to show you some off-the-beaten-path places that you probably haven’t heard of (and won’t soon forget). They might be national monuments, national forests, state or provincial parks. But trust us; they’re worth your time. In fact, it may be one of the West’s best kept secrets — that the areas surrounding those iconic parks are often just as breathtaking, but WAY less crowded.

Tricks of the Trade

Traveling by RV requires a few new skills, and most newbies spend the first half of their trip learning them the hard way. Your rental company will go over the basics when you pick up your RV, but in the Travel Tips document in your Adventure Kit we will share dozens of ideas to help you be happy campers throughout your trip. We’ll even throw in a few of our favorite on-the-road recipes and a suggested shopping list.