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Dan Wulfman
Dan Wulfman – Founder/President

The early years of my career were spent working for a giant ad agency in New York City. I was a little cog in a giant wheel promoting brands like Coca-Cola, Nintendo, and Unilever. I moved up the corporate marketing food chain to Des Moines, Iowa for a great job with Deere & Company (think tractors). The kid from Kentucky was on a roll! And I hated it.

So, at the ripe old age of 32, we sold the nice home in Des Moines, bought a little camper, and hit the road to explore The West for a couple of months. Nearly two years later, we had driven across the Arctic Circle, explored Mayan ruins in Guatemala, and covered over 50,000 miles in between, spending time in every National Park in the US and Canada accessible by road. Day after day, we met frazzled families in National Park campgrounds, wishing they really knew what they were doing.

Tracks & Trails was born out of that experience with the mission to help other travelers see the best of the West — in a week or two rather than a year or two.

Today, I live in Colorado and manage a wonderfully talented and productive team of energetic adventurers scattered about the West working from wherever suits them best — sometimes the back of a company motorhome or their personal campervan. Together, we coordinate a million little details that make something incredibly complicated seem amazingly simple for a handful of lucky people.