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Ashleigh Rudolph
Ashleigh Rudolph – Marketing Manager

While Ashleigh leads the T&T marketing and is the face behind our social media, she also helps families plan their ideal RV vacation, using her knowledge of traveling with young kids as her guide.

Growing up in Texas, road trips seemed to always take Ashleigh West, through the Rockies or along the Coast. Exploring all this area has to offer through hiking, rock climbing and biking, the adventures are endless.

Ashleigh began her career planning international programs for teenagers. Looking for a bit of a change, she transitioned to marketing and spent several years working for a few different agencies. After the birth of her first child and the acquisition of a camper van, the travel industry lured her back as she was reminded how much she loves the outdoors and was in turn drawn to the Tracks & Trails team. Hitting the road with her 5-month-old in tow and introducing him to all the West has to offer, she knows how cherished and important these trips are for families.

When Ashleigh is not helping you take unforgettable vacations, you can find her on the trail with her two dogs, upside down on her yoga mat or living the van life with husband, Nelson, and their son, Otto.