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Camping / Hotels FAQs

Why do you recommend that we stay in a hotel for the first night of our trip?

Traveling to your departure location can sometimes not always go as one would like. Staying the first night in a hotel allows for unplanned flight delays and/or cancellations and provides you the opportunity to enjoy your stay at the departure city. This also allows plenty of time to pick up your RV and begin your trip with no added stress or delays the following day.

Can you arrange a hotel on the last night of the trip for us?

Yes!  You can certainly add on additional hotel stays if you would like more time at the beginning of your trip, or a little down time after dropping off your RV at the end of your trip.  Just let us know!

Can I book my own hotel stay?

Certainly – just let us know!

What is the difference between a hookup and no-hookup campsite?

Full hookups include electric, water and sewer attachments for the RV.  The RV is completely self-contained.  Hookups to electric and water provide you with unlimited use. You don’t have to ration. No-hook up campsites can usually be quite comfortable without hookups.  However, your air conditioner and microwave oven will not operate without either running the generator (not allowed in some campgrounds due to noise, or only during specific generator hours) or external electricity.

Can I still use the shower in the RV at a no-hookup campsite?

You will have a fresh water tank. That tank contains a limited supply of water that you will use for drinking, cooking, washing, showering, and flushing. So conserve with shorter showers!

Where do we wash our clothes while traveling?

Many private campgrounds have washers and dryers for laundry. Most towns have coin operated laundromats, as well.