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Robyn Soley
Robyn Soley – Content Writer

Robyn is originally from Ottawa, Canada but now lives in the Bay Area of California with husband Mike, their two daughters, and their dog. She graduated from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor of Commerce and subsequently worked at one of Canada’s largest communication companies for over seven years.

Robyn’s passion for travel has taken her all over Europe, Canada and the United States. She first crossed paths with Tracks & Trails as a customer. Her T&T trip was a huge success, and her whole family loved the experience — so much so that Robyn became part of the team and works diligently to ensure our travelers have everything they need for a wonderful experience.

When not planning future vacations (Robyn would love to visit Greece and Japan one day!) you will find Robyn at the beach in summer or on the ski slopes in winter. She is also a huge basketball fan — having played the sport all through her childhood and into college; there is rarely a moment now when there isn’t a game on in her family home.

Robyn believes that the best travel experiences are created by cutting through the clutter to give travelers truly useful guidance.