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Paige Thayer
Paige Thayer – Travel & Finance Administrator

Paige was born and raised in Ohio where she still lives with her own young family, creating a self-sustaining farm. Paige’s goal is for the family to supply as much of their own food and resources as possible and to teach her children important and valuable life skills.

Growing up, Paige went on tent camping trips every summer and traveled throughout the Caribbean with her grandparents. She has traveled around the US, visited the UK, and took an eight-week solo trip to South Africa. In her spare time, Paige loves to hike with her family and work on craft projects.

Paige studied Entrepreneurship at Ashland University, Business Administration through a community college partnership, and has several years of administration and accounting experience. At Tracks & Trails, Paige takes care of reservations, manages the accounts, and liaises with our suppliers. She loves knowing that her work at Tracks & Trails is playing a part in helping our travelers cross an item off their bucket list!