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Snow Canyon State Park RV Vacation

About Snow Canyon State Park, Utah

One of the best examples of southwest Utah’s beauty is concentrated in a small scenic area called Snow Canyon State Park.

Snow Canyon is characterized by its magnificent variety of forms and colors. Unique geologic features like volcanic cones, sand dunes, deep red and white Navajo sandstone, and twisted layers of rocks are strewn throughout the area. Two recent volcanic cones are found near the head of the canyon. The park features picnic areas and a shaded, grass-covered park near the campgrounds.

The ancient Ancestral Puebloan culture inhabited the region between A.D. 400-1250. Here petroglyphs, artifacts, and structural remnants endure along with carved names and dates of early pioneer settlers.

Quick Facts About Snow Canyon State Park

  • The scenery may look familiar – movies like The Electric Horseman and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid have been filmed here.