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Yosemite National Park RV Vacation

About Yosemite National Park

Yosemite is one of the country’s most popular national parks, and once you’ve visited you’ll know why! The attraction of Yosemite National Park lies in the great variety of spectacular scenery; there’s always something new and different to see here, from the towering waterfalls, to the towering trees, its sheer cliffs, and shimmering lakes and streams. Prepare to be wowed at every turn you make!

Despite covering around 1,200 square miles of beautiful landscapes most visitors to Yosemite National Park only ever get to see a very small portion of this. Yosemite Valley is the center for the tourist trade in the park and features most of the campsites, access to trails, waterfalls and more. You can see a great variety of landscapes just within this area, but to really experience Yosemite you should visit some of the other areas of the park too.

If the other areas of the park interest you, make sure you come in the summer because some of the less accessible areas are still closed in the winter and spring due to snow and melt conditions. Spring is, however, a great time to visit and see the waterfalls, such as the impressive Yosemite Falls (the highest waterfalls in North America), as they’re at their most powerful after the snow melt. The high country, including Tioga Pass Road, will only be open from about June at the earliest.

The best way to see Yosemite National Park is by hiking, biking, rafting, or climbing, giving you a real up close experience. Whatever you do leave your RV at the campsite and make use of the free park transit service. This is here to reduce traffic congestion and pollution and saves you having to worry about parking all the time.

If you’re planning to visit Yosemite in high season make sure you book early for campgrounds as these are in very high demand and short supply. Staying just outside the park is sometimes a better idea.

See a bit more of Yosemite than most visitors do and let us arrange a unique tour for you and your family.  Adventure guided hikes, private hikes, and introductory rock climbing classes are just some of the unforgettable activities you can enjoy here!

Quick Facts About Yosemite National Park

  • Enjoy hiking? You’ll never get bored of hiking in Yosemite with over 800 miles of trails available!
  • The sheer granite cliffs of El Capitan are one of the park’s most photographed features though many visitors want to do more than just photograph it, and take to climbing the 3,300 foot face!