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California RV Vacations
About California

No other region in the Western United States can offer quite as much, or as much variety, as California can. From north to south this region makes an amazing destination for a family road trip that’s packed full of scenery, attractions, and more.

The landscapes change from mountains to deserts, all showing off the best of mother nature’s glory, then there are the cities too; large and bustling but each with their own appeal.

No other region features three of the country’s most popular cities – San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego, and far from offering the same attractions these cities are as unique as California itself. San Francisco makes for great starting and ending point on any California region road trip and deserve several days stay in order to see some of their sights.

Beautiful forests and mountains constitute the more northern parts of the California region and include those famous redwoods and giant sequoias, most notably in Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks. Family vacations that are full of hiking and outdoor adventure can be enjoyed here, and your camera should always be at the ready in case you spot some wildlife.

Along the coast are smaller towns and cities of Monterey and Big Sur, as well as some of the most scenic stretches of coastal highway in the country. But with all this water in front of you it’s easy to forget when looking at the Pacific Ocean that inland from Los Angeles, this region is desert!

Strangely shaped trees grow in abundance in some parts, while in others the landscape is so sparse and barren that you wouldn’t expect to find any life at all. This is one of the hottest places on earth after all!

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